Water And Glycol Treatment

Mac-Tower Inc offers water and glycol treatment for your building systems including, but not limited to:

  • Cooling Towers and Fluid Coolers
  • Boilers
  • Chillers
  • Perimeter Heat Loops

Having a proper water and/or glycol treatment program in place can:

  • Extend your equipment and the connected installations life span
  • Minimize risk of legionella
  • Prevent corrosion and sediments in water circuit
  • Control algae, yeast and bacteria
  • Control calcium carbonate deposits in pipes or heat exchange surfaces as they impede both water flow and heat exchange
  • Control silicate deposits which are primarily found in boiler systems or heated loops.
  • Provide freeze/burst protection

Cooling systems that develop areas with corrosion are more prone to loss of piping, tube bundles or pumps and structural weakening and leaks.

In order to maintain optimal performance, the cooling tower should be maximizing cycles of concentration, which minimizes blow down water quantity and reduces make-up water demand.

A water treatment system is essential in any cooling tower preventative maintenance program. Water treatment for cooling towers can be accomplished with liquid chemicals (oxidizing and non-oxidizing), dry chemical (Smart Shield) and non-chemical (Pulse Pure).

For more information on Oxidizing and Non-Oxidizing biocides, or dry chemical and non-chemical options, please contact a Mac-Tower Inc Representative.

To schedule a FREE Baseline test on your Hot Water Loop, Chilled Water Loop or Glycol Loop, please contact a Mac-Tower Inc Representative.