Pulse Pure

Pulse~Pure® Water Treatment System

EVAPCO’s Pulse~Pure® Water Treatment System offers an environmentally responsible alternative for treating cooling water. EVAPCO’s patented and patent pending Pulse~Pure® innovation utilizes pulsed power technology to provide chemical-free water treatment with no harmful by-products. This cutting edge technology enables you to rely on one trusted supplier for your evaporative cooling equipment and associated water treatment – EVAPCO!

Furthermore, your Pulse~Pure® purchase includes a one year cooling water monitoring program performed by EVAPCO’s factory trained representatives.

Pulse~Pure® FEATURES

Compact Design with No Moving Parts Factory Installed Option Available on Coolers and Condensers (shown below) Low Energy Consumption No Treatment Chemicals Required Manufactured and Warranted by EVAPCO Performance monitored by an EVAPCO Authorized Service Organization.

Pulse Pure Technology provides scale control, microbiological control and corrosion control.

Pulse Pure can be installed on all makes of cooling towers.