Mac-Tower Inc knows that is important to keep your space at an ideal, comfortable temperature, especially during our warm summer months. Whether you own a large facility, a process factory or a data center, chillers can keep your building at the desired temperature. Mac-Tower Inc can help with the design and HVAC requirements for your buildings cooling needs. And is committed to working with the property owner and on-site maintenance staff to choose the best equipment for the building loads and operation.

Mac-Tower Inc can:

  • Install New Chillers
  • Repair and Service Chiller Systems
  • Provide Preventative Maintenance Contracts
  • Retrofit Variable Speed Drive

Chiller Preventative Maintenance

Chiller Preventative Maintenance site visits can be annually or semi-annually depending on your building requirements and manufacturer specifications.

Chiller Preventative Maintenance can include but is not limited to:

  • Chiller Readings
  • Compressor Readings
  • Dirt Separators Flush/Drain
  • Condenser Fan Readings
  • Operational Test and Performance Evaluation
  • Visual Leak Tests
  • Inspect Paint/Corrosion/Insulation
  • Inspect Electrical
  • Inspect Compressor Oil Sump Heater
  • Inspect Electronic Expansion Valve Sight Glass
  • Check Fault Log
  • Check IGV Operation
  • Confirm Correct Water Flow and Pressure Drop
  • Check Flow Sensor