Filtration & treatment

Commercial and Industrial filtration applications are pertinent to the building thermal efficiency. Sand and solids in the fluid stream should be purged to another location in order to:

  • increase process efficiency
  • reduce maintenance costs
  • protect equipment such as heat exchangers and spray nozzles.
  • prevent solids accumulation in sumps and basins leading to fewer shutdowns and less time cleaning.
  • lower energy costs

Hydraulic Separators - Dirt Separators

Ferrous impurities are captured by a concentrated magnetic field created by a stack of nedimium magnetic rods positioned inside a brass dry-well which is below the flow stream. Non-magnetic dirt particles are separated by colliding with an internal element in the flow stream and settling to the bottom. The deep collection chamber keeps the dirt from re-entering the flow stream. The dirt and ferrous impurities are flushed out even while the stream is still running, by removing magnets and opening the purge valve.