Backflow Prevention (Installation and Certification)


Why do we need backflow prevention? A backflow prevention device is used to protect protect our water from contamination in the event of a backflow. Water Pressure changes can happen due to unforeseen circumstances and cause the water supply to flow backwards which can contaminate drinking water supply making it unsafe to drink.

The backflow preventer must have annual inspections from a certified technician, which is a service we are able to provide to our customers. In addition, we repair, maintain and install backflow devices for commercial buildings.

What happens when backflow occurs? Backflow can occur when events such as a sudden drain on the freshwater system from a sprinkler system or fire hydrant is open for firefighting or a break in a water main.

There are 4 common backflow devices, the standard backflow prevention device consists of a reduced pressure principle assembly and a double check valve assembly. Both stop the water flow and reduce the pressure.