Boiler Services

At Mac-Tower Inc we understand how important it is for any organization to be able to rely on their heating system. Our certified technicians are trained in the latest heating technologies and can provide you with quality installation, repair and maintenance on your equipment and systems.

Our boiler repairs and services will be completed within budget and on time so that your business is never left out in the cold.

Commercial Boiler Installation, Repair and Maintenance

If your building or community is in need of commercial boiler services, our technicians have the experience, knowledge and expertise to help.

We can help you choose and install a boiler and heating system customized to meet your needs and specifications. We offer repair and service as well as a customized preventative maintenance contracts to keep your boiler(s) working properly and safely.

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Boiler Preventative Maintenance

Boiler Preventative Maintenance site visits can be annually or semi-annually depending on your building requirements and manufacturer specifications.

Boiler Preventative Maintenance can include but is not limited to:

  • Check operation of pumps
  • Inspect and test all safeties
  • Inspect burners, ignition controls and electrical
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Inspect venting
  • Perform CO leakage test
  • Perform combustion analysis
  • Test operational controls
  • Inspect and Clean electrodes
  • Inspect and Clean Filters
  • Inspect operation of Fans and Motors
  • Inspect UV Sensor
  • Communicate with OFC
  • Follow manufacturer specification