Winter Tips


Winter Shut-Down Season

  • Inspect your cooling tower, closed circuit cooler or evaporative condenser for worn or damaged parts.
  • November’s the time to replace aging or inefficient equipment and parts.
  • Diagnosing problems early may prevent unexpected spring start–up failures and costly emergency repairs.

Winter Inspection Tips

FILL: Check the cooling tower fill for physical damage, excessive dirt and /or scale build up. If there is any, your equipment may be operating at less than maximum capacity and replacement fill may be required.
COILS: Check for leaks and scale build-up. Contact your local Evapco Mr. GoodTower* Representative for an evaluation and recommendations.
ELIMINATORS: Check for proper positioning, scale build-up, corrosion or clogged eliminators. Damaged eliminators can result in excessive drift and corroded/clogged eliminators will reduce thermal performance.
FAN WHEELS: Check centrifugal wheels for excessive vibration. Replace vibrating or damaged fan wheels. Check vane axial fans for cracks in the blades or fan hub. Replace any damaged fans.
BEARINGS: Check for any unusual bearing noise. Grease bearings in accordance with manufacture’s recommended maintenance schedule. Consider stocking spare bearings.
BELTS: Check for any frayed and worn belts. Check for proper tensioning. Consider stocking spare parts.