Installation / Service

Commercial HVAC Inspections help maintain your work space and the productivity of those in the work space. This in turn reflects on the quailty of your business because you are providing a comfortable environment for employees, customers and anyone in the building.

It is important to schedule regular inspections, whether your business has maintenance staff in place or outsources a company to maintain your buildings HVAC system. Keeping a schedule for maintaining equipment ensures your air systems and ventilation are operating at optimal levels.

Here is a checklist of some things to look for in an inspection:

Filters and Belts - help keep equipment running and the atmosphere in a space will be cleaner.

Coils - It is important to make sure coils are clear of debris and buildup of dust and particles that can cause problems for a unit and may require units to be replaced before their time.

Calibration - Temperature controls should be true to the temperature you set, whether you want coolness or warmth, you want the air in the room to reflect the settings. Calibration ensures what you set is what you get.

Inspection of Wiring - our HVAC technicians will check wiring during a regular maintenance to make sure everything is properly connected. If something appears not to be working the wiring could be the solution.

Duct Work - It is good idea to make sure your duck work is clear of clogs or any infestation. Ducts deliver and remove air through these passages and help indoor air quality as well as thermal comfort.

Thermostats - Depending on the size of your workspace, you may have more than one thermostat throughout the building. You want to make sure your thermostat is working so that you have a comfortable space and regulating your temperature saves you money.